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Tech Services

We Go to your location.

Windows OS Installations & Troubleshooting.

Upgrade your Windows Operating system, or perform a fresh install for that new computer feel.

Computer not booting? Call us we can help.

Printer Setup

We can connect your home printer to your network or personal computer. Update drivers and software.

Data Handling

Got a ton of pictures or video that you want off your computer and onto a storage device? We can help with bulk data migration and free up valuable space on your computer.

BackUps and Online Storage

We can back up your valuable data to a reliable external storage device. Or setup online cloud storage, so that your data will be protected no matter the physical state of your device.

Starlink Installations

We make installations easy.

- You order the Starlink.

- Call us when it arrives.

- We show up and do the rest.

Getting Starlink? Make sure you have everything you need.


Home Network Troubleshooting

Wifi go down randomly? Wondering about your speeds?

Call us we can figure out the best solution for your home networking needs. 

General Tech Help

Our technicians are intelligent problem solvers and can fix most tech related issues. Give us a call.

Setting Up New Computer

Purchasing a new computer can be a daunting task, especially when creating new accounts & profiles or bringing over your old ones.


Setup an appointment and we can go through the process together, making it a breeze. We can even transfer your data from your old computer.

New Hardware Installation

We can help with any new hardware installation into desktop or laptop computers. Graphic cards, SSD's, monitors, network cards and more.

Virus & Scam Removal

If you suspect your information or device has been compromised, immediately shut down your device and give us a call. We can and will remove their access.

Extend Home Network

If you are dropping connection around the house, we can extend your wireless network. From the basement to the top floor, we can get you covered. 

Custom PC Builds

Powerful. Upgradeable. Fast.

We can build an upgradeable custom computer that suites your needs. Gaming, VR, Workhorse, Small Business, Family PC.

Security Systems

Fully Networked Home/Office

CAT6 Cabling

Get a home or small business security system with remote video viewing, upgradeable storage and peace of mind. 2k & 4k Camera's available with motion tracking, night vision, audio, zoom and more.

Networked server installation. Wireless Access Points, Surveillance, Printer/Scanner, WIFI. Get everything connected and on the same monitored network.

We can run any length of networked cable. From indoor wall ethernet ports to outdoor wireless access points.

Give us a call and we can go over your specific situation.

Give us a call now!  1-719-642-8383
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