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Teller Tech Recommends Starlink, The Best Satellite Internet For Rural Areas.

Updated: Apr 30

Thinking about purchasing Starlink equipment but wondering if it is worth the investment? Rest assured, Starlink is the best satellite internet option for areas where cable or fiber don't reach. Here's why:

Teller Tech is not paid by or associated with SpaceX / Starlink or any other internet provider. The information here is from our own experience, from the companies' websites, or other available data online.

Starlink Dish on Roof. Photo: SpaceX

As you may have experienced if you live in a rural area, your internet options are limited. In some remote areas, satellite internet is your only option to get connected to the web. There are a few satellite internet providers to choose from including Viasat, Hughsnet, and Starlink. But how do you decide? Is the initial investment for Starlink really worth it?


Until recently, satellite internet has been notorious for slow speeds and a lack of reliability. Hughsnet's max speeds across all plans cap at 25mbps, whereas Viasat claims to offer plans ranging in speeds from 12mbps to 150mbps+. However in our experience, most Viasat customers are lucky to get 25mbps.

In comparison, Starlink advertises speeds from 50-200mbps, with the average customer in our area getting about 100-130+ mbps.

Don't know your speeds? You can easily check your internet speeds by clicking this link and the "go" button to run a speed test for your network.


Viasat is one of the most expensive internet providers, with plans from $65 - $300 for their introductory pricing - which spikes after the first three months of service. The average Viasat customer pays around $175 per month.

Hughsnet's plans will cost you $50-$150 monthly. They also start service with introductory pricing, so beware of a price increase after the first few months of service.

Starlink Residential customers in our area pay $120 per month for service. Initial equipment costs $599 and can be purchased online at Home Depot:

UPDATE April 2024:

Starlink Version 3 is now out. Prices of initial equipment kit and monthly service have not changed with the new version. When purchasing from Starlink's website, you will receive the new V3 Kit.

It appears you can get both the older and newer V3 kits through Home Depot. Starlink also runs sales on refurbished V3 kits on their website for $399, we are not sure how long these will be available.

Teller Tech has installed both versions. The newer V3 dish is capable of slightly higher speeds. However, it is a minimal difference, so if your current Starlink is working great for you, you probably won't notice a big improvement if you upgrade.

The biggest improvement with V3 is it comes wired for ethernet, so you will not have to buy an adapter. The newer dish also has a larger face and no servo motors. It is stationary and can accurately be aimed only once manually at install.

Contracts and Early Termination Fees

A two-year contract is usually standard for satellite internet providers.

Hughsnet charges an early termination fee of $400 if you cancel within the first 90 days, which decreases by $15 per month of service rendered thereafter for the amount of months left in your contract. Their contract is 24 months.

Viasat charges an early termination fee of $15 per month for every month remaining in your contract. Their contract is 24 months.

Starlink does not require a contract, and you can try the service for 30 days. If you are not satisfied, you can return your equipment for a full refund if you purchased your equipment through their website.

Equipment Ownership

Your equipment with both Viasat and Hughsnet belongs to them. The router, modem, dish, power supply, etc are leased to you and you pay an additional amount tacked to your monthly bill to rent this equipment.

For example, Hughsnet charges a Monthly Lease Fee of $14.99 per month, with your initial installation free.

If you leased the equipment, you must return it when you cancel your service, or you will incur a $300 charge in addition to whatever early termination fees you also owe.

When you purchase your Starlink equipment, everything you bought now belongs to you. You recoup this cost through the lack of contract and other miscellaneous fees Starlink does not charge. Also, Starlink equipment can be transferred/sold from one person to another, making it possible for you to sell your equipment should you no longer need it, or take it with you when you move.

More Info

If you'd like to look into purchasing Starlink equipment, you can purchase on their website or through After you order, your equipment will be shipped to your address. Once you receive it, give us a call or e-mail and we can help you get your Starlink installed professionally onto your home.

A year ago, our area was still on a wait list for Starlink service to be available in our area. Now, almost all of Teller and Park county is covered thanks to additional low orbit satellites deployed this past year. If you are curious if your address is compatible with Starlink, feel free to reach out. We've done many installations all over Teller and Park counties, and can answer your questions.

We provide Starlink Installation and troubleshooting to Teller county and surrounding areas including Florissant, Divide, Guffey, Woodland Park, Cripple Creek, Victor, Cascade, Green Mountain Falls.

Contact Us:

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